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'Best Friend’ by Jason Chen

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Kyuhyun scooting closer to Yoona trying to get away from Sulli

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#SS5inPeru - Kyuhyun. cr. sungyong@tumblr.com
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#SS5inPeru - Kyuhyun. cr. sungyong@tumblr.com

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Super Junior Super Show 5 - Santiago Chile April 25, 2013  Movistar Arena

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Kyuhyun — 130421 - SS5 in Brazil. Do not remove the logo and do not edit!

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Kyuhyun — SS5 in Brazil. Do not remove the logo, do not edit.
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Kyuhyun — SS5 in Brazil. Do not remove the logo, do not edit.

Cr: mindokyu @ tumblr

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SS5 in Brazil (21/04/13). Do not remove the logo, do not edit. 
Cr: mindokyu @ tumblr.

SS5 in Brazil (21/04/13). Do not remove the logo, do not edit. 

Cr: mindokyu @ tumblr.

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☆[FanAccounts]30421 130421 Super Show 5 World Tour in São Paulo,Brazil

  • Intro: Sungmin said he’s hungry
  • The whole intro was in portuguese and Wook took a paper to remember it!
  • Siwon said “I’m Siwon, but you can call me boyfriend!”
  • The ELF screamed to Siwon “beautiful, gorgeous, sexy” and Sungmin looked not understanding
  • Donghae: “I really wanted to see you, you’re so sexy, I want a kiss!”
  • Kyuhyun: “I’m Kyuhyun, did you want to see me? I wanted to see you so much, let’s have a lot of fun!”
  • Eunhyuk: “I’m beautiful, you’re beautiful, i love you~”
  • Donghae was reading a paper to talk and Kyuhyun was speaking portuguese too!
  • Kyuhyun repeated his words many times and laughed deviously
  • Donghae was speaking mixing portuguese and english
  • Henry: “Brasil, how are you? Pretty girls of Sao Paulo, I love you!”
  • Hyuk said he traveled for 25hrs and it’s far away, but now feels that the distance is short
  • Wook sang Yesung’s parts during Neorago
  • Kangin made a mistake during A Man In Love
  • Kyu showed up running for A Man In Love!
  • Sexy Free & Single on now!
  • Donghae sang quietly Kyuhyun’s part and laughed
  • Siwon laughed when fans screamed at Donghae and leaned over winking
  • It seems all VCRs are a continuation of the previous
  • Everything was serious in the VCR and suddenly they begin running and it starts playing Black Eyed Peas
  • Everyone wearing black during Break Down minus Hae and Hyuk
  • Eunhyuk spoke portuguese again
  • Eunhyuk rapped with Shindong
  • Donghae is shaking his head like a kid. So cute~
  • Sungmin did pelvic thrusts bitting his lips!
  • Kyuhyun threw away his jacket
  • Hyuk took off his shirt!
  • Kangin threw water on the ELF
  • Shindong: “You liking it?”
  • Kyuhyun headbanging like a rocker!
  • Kyuhyun threw himself on the stairs, tired, and later came back running to jump again
  • Kyuhyun and Sungmin left to backstage together
  • Donghae is dancing shirtless RIGHT IN FRONT of the ELF! OMG
  • Daydream now, everyone wearing white
  • Sungmin is almost crying singing Daydream
  • Sungmin was looking at ELF while singing and sighing to not cry
  • Eunhyuk said that although the stage is different from SS5 Korea, he’s doing his best
  • Eunhyuk apologized for not seeing fans at the airport
  • Kyuhyun and Donghae looked at Siwon and looked down laughing
  • They keep repeating “Obrigado” ["Thank You"]
  • Sungmin is almost crying again!
  • Sungmin sent ELF kisses!
  • Donghae forgot his turn to sing and soon after the microphone failed
  • Sungmin waved and made hearts to the fans in wheelchairs
  • Kangin gave an autograph to a fan in a wheelchair during the song!
  • Hae kept repeating “Are you liking it?” and Hyuk was imitating him
  • They are waddling around asking “are you liking it?”
  • Ryeowook shook the brazilian flag!
  • Donghae is with a blue Minnie ears
  • During Sunny they taught the dance with the kiss and thumb!
  • They said it seems the Brazilian passion never ends!
  • They are singing Ai Se Eu Te Pego again in acapella!
  • Eunhyuk is almost crying looking at ELF
  • Encore started with Sorry Sorry!
  • Sungmin hit his hand against the microphone and Donghae laughed
  • Ryeowook was startled by a paper that fell on stage
  • Kangin threw a teddy bear to the disabled fans in the crowd
  • Sungmin is talking with ELF with signs and laughing!
  • Siwon and Donghae hugged
  • Kyuhyun is wearing a Brazil shirt!
  • Hyuk talked about Neymar and went back to dancing Michel Teló (Ai Se Eu Te Pego)
  • They took a photo the Brazilian shirt and flag turned to fans!
  • Eunhyuk is crying!!!
  • Eunhyuk: “I think this show will be in our memories and hearts forever”
  • Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are chitchatting
  • Kyuhyun is the only one with the Brazilian shirt
  • Shindong hugged Sungmin cause Sungmin is so moved.
  • Siwon and Kyuhyun are talking the whole time
  • Sungmin said IN PORTUGUESE “Give me a kiss~ Thank you”
  • Shindong said in portuguese “Hungry. Hungry.”
  • Shindong: “I’ll come back to eat barbecue”
  • Siwon said in portuguese: “God bless you”
  • Siwon: “Unfortunately Yesung couldn’t come, but he really wanted to”
  • Kyuhyun: “Actually I was surprised to see you singing in Korean”
  • Kyuhyun said he loves “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” and he was the one who asked to sing it in the concert!
  • Kyuhyun is dancing Ai Se Eu Te Pego alone
  • Donghae: “We could live like this forever! I’m gonna buy a house in Brazil when I save up money!”
  • Donghae is playing with a soccer ball on stage
  • Apparently once Hae gets his house in Brazil he said he’ll invite everyone to dinner
  • Eunhyuk: “We never imagined we’d be in Brazil one day”
  • Almost all of them are moved/touched!
  • Hyuk said he wants to do a concert here at the 2014 World Cup!
  • Eunhyuk promissed that next time they come, they’ll sing a song in portuguese that they’ll record!
  • Marry U now
  • Kyuhyun is with the soccer ball, brazil shirt, two flags on his foot and waist
  • Kyuhyun is playing with the soccer ball
  • Cr@sarangkyu
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